Voss Municipality Gigamap

Vossa Dugnad - 2011

Three month assignment in collaboration with Malgorzata Wesolowska


A spot intervention strategy for improving urban space and trigger social (inter)action in Voss municipality.



Vossa Dugnad is a plan for spot intervention in and around the town of Voss. This plan includes both a strategy and a number of proposed projects and sites deemed suitable for intervention.

The initial task given to us by Visit Voss was twofold and could be described as “How do we attract more tourists to Voss?” and “How do we make Voss a better place to live in?”. We discovered that Voss already has a solid tourist profile so we shifted our focus more towards the local community and looked at ways we could engage and inspire the people of Voss.

In order to gather information we traveled to Voss two times, documenting our visits with photo and video. We conducted meetings and also had a workshop with some prominent locals. A systems-map was also constructed based on our findings.

The Spot Intervention project is meant to create a unifying and engaging activity for the locals and at the same time create additional value alongside the existing Voss profile. Although the project mainly caters to the locals, if successful it will also draw in tourists to experience Voss.


About SOD:

Systems Oriented Design is method for mapping out complex systems in order to find new opportunities for innovation or change. More information can be found here: http://www.systemsorienteddesign.net/

Overview of process and the strategy loop.

Details from the Voss Gigamap