Energytable - Concept for multitouch table - 2010

Three week assignment in collaboration with Einar Sundin (AHO) and Stian Kilaas (UiO)


This project was in collaboration with the media lab at the Oslo University and we were to explore how multitouch tables can be used in an educational setting. We choose to work with the theme of power production and electricity. The objective is to connect the power sources with a powerplant. For example Sun->Solar panels or Wind->Wind turbine. The power sources converged in the middle to light up a lamp.

The way this was achieved was by touching and holding the objects and the connecting nodes. Since you had to keep your hand on the object to sustain the connection you had to cooperate in order to complete the circuit. We also had an idea of having a virtual cell phone in the middle that was in need of charging and the more people you had the more nodes could be connected and you would charge the phone faster.

The animations were done in Flash and a plug-in called Gesture Works was used to enable multitouch.